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Our team of skilled and trained technicians have decades of experience in removing pest bird problems for London businesses and homes – safely and swiftly. With Hawkeye Bird Control you get real value for money and 100% peace of mind. That’s because we get it right first time.

We’re regarded as a leading bird control company in London for our nuisance bird expertise and experience in dealing with seagulls, pigeons and starlings.

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The Hawkeye Bird Control team have many years experience working on a diverse range of buildings and on many development sites in London at all stages of construction. This is important because a building of architectural significance may have the same pest bird problem as a residential apartment block under construction - however the recommended treatments will vary.


Hawkeye Bird Control is a longstanding member of The British Pest Control Association. We take our responsibilities to you and the people in your buildings or home seriously. Our specialists will look at the purpose of your building including its heritage; the importance placed on maintaining aesthetics so that proofing is discreet.

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Commercial buildings and homes in London are prime targets for birds to nest and roost. This places the human occupants at risk of attack especially when seagulls are nesting and highly protective of their young. An experienced, specially trained Hawkeye Bird Control expert will survey your home or building free of charge and recommend a combination of proven and trusted solutions.

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Hawkeye Bird Control pride ourselves on providing a professional and high quality service for all things bird control. We want to ensure that any bird problems are dealt with quickly and systems are put in place to prevent further infestations. As a bird control company working throughout London we’re happy to answer any queries you have about a potential bird problems. Whatever the job may be, feel free to give is a call for any information you need.

Most Common Pest Birds

The are a number of birds which can be pests of which can cause considerable damage to both commercial and residential properties. See the most common pest birds below.

Pigeons are a very common bird which can cause problems for both residential and commercial properties.

Seagulls are becoming an evermore present pest in inner cities which can cause damage to buildings.

Starlings are now a common pest in many urban areas and they can nest in their thousands.

Our Services

We provide a number of services to tackle your bird pest needs. These services include…

Bird Proofing

Bird proofing is a prevention method of birds settling and nesting on buildings. There are a number of methods to do this.

Bird Deterrents

Deterrents are in place to deter birds from landing on your property. These are used more when proofing is not an option.

Humane Bird Control

Sometimes the extent of the pigeon problem is such that trapping and shooting is needed to bring the problem under control.

Bird Dropping Removal

Bird droppings (Guano) can cause serious health issues. Ensuring the area is properly cleaned protects health and can stop birds returning.

Solar Panel Proofing

Birds can cause solar panels to stop working by coating them with droppings and nesting. We can help protect panels from becoming a home for birds.

What Our Clients Say


Tom Woods – Google

Quick, efficient and friendly service. Quoted within couple of days of enquiry and fitted the following week.


Rachel Griffin – Google

We had pigeons all over our office building in central London. Hawkeye kept the pigeons away using a Hawk until the building work was finished. They have also installed a net over the roof. Great job, almost invisible and no more pigeons anywhere! Highly recommended thank you!


Walter Macharg

Knowledgeable and extremely helpful.