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Our team of skilled and trained technicians have decades of experience in removing pest bird problems for businesses and homes throughout the UK – safely and swiftly. With Hawkeye Bird Control you get real value for money and 100% peace of mind. That’s because we get it right the first time. We’re regarded as a leading bird control company for our nuisance bird expertise and experience in dealing with seagulls, pigeons, and starlings.


The Hawkeye Bird Control team has many years of experience working on a diverse range of buildings and many development sites across the UK at all stages of construction. This is important because a building of architectural significance may have the same pest bird problem as a residential apartment block under construction - however, the recommended treatments will vary.


Hawkeye Bird Control is a longstanding member of The British Pest Control Association. We take our responsibilities to you and the people in your buildings or home seriously. Our specialists will look at the purpose of your building including its heritage; the importance placed on maintaining aesthetics so that proofing is discreet.

Free Survey

Commercial buildings and homes are prime targets for birds to nest and roost. This places the human occupants at risk of attack especially when seagulls are nesting and highly protective of their young. An experienced, specially trained Hawkeye Bird Control expert will survey your home or building free of charge and recommend a combination of proven and trusted solutions.

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Bird Removal Experts

Pigeon pest control

Pigeon Pest Control

Pigeons are a very common bird that can cause problems for both residential and commercial properties. As pigeon removal professionals we understand the best methods of eradicating these pests birds.

Seagull pest control

Seagull Pest Control

Seagulls are becoming an evermore present pest in inner cities which can cause damage to buildings. We know the intricacies involved when removing seagulls such as the laws involved if they are nesting.

Starling pest control

Starling Pest Control

Starlings are now a common pest in many urban areas and they can nest in their thousands. Preventing these birds from settling and perching on your property is a necessity.

Our Bird Control Services

Bird proofing services

If you have an issue with pest birds on, or around your property, there are a number of bird proofing methods of which will prevent birds from perching and landing on your roof, balconies or window ledges. One or more of the below methods may be necessary to proof your property from these invasive species.

With many pest birds now being urbanised, they can become a real nuisance for property owners across the UK. Birds can cause serious damage and illnesses too. Discouraging birds from landing on your property is important. By using bird deterrents, pigeons, seagulls and other pest birds are discouraged from choosing your property as a place to nest, reducing the threat they pose.

Bird deterrent and prevention
Bird dropping removal

Other Services

Unfortunately, if bird proofing or deterrents have been damaged by bad weather, mistreated, poorly installed, or not installed at all in the past, you may well find your property has been a hot bed for pest birds. We provide additional services to clean up and remove unwanted guests.

What Our Customers Say

Geoff Scott
Geoff Scott
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We had a Seagull problem with a nest on our roof that ruined our summer with gulls ‘dive bombing’ whenever we went into the garden. Mark came and surveyed our roof and produced a great report with recommendations to make our roof less appealing in the future for the gulls. Today Mark and Chris have installed spikes on all ‘at risk’ locations. Arrived on time, worked efficiently and did a great job - both very pleasant - cleared up with no mess left behind. Would recommend without any hesitation.
June Fairie
June Fairie
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I received a price for the job very quickly. The technician arrived on time & was very pleasant and helpful. Would definately recommend
lauren mcivor
lauren mcivor
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Great service. Very friendly, knowledgable and effective. Also effective of clearing the area without any graphic scenes. I would highly recommend.
Mandy Barder
Mandy Barder
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Great service from Mark. My balcony is transformed and I’m really happy with the netting and spikes. He cleaned all the wooden furniture too and it all looks significantly better. Thanks v much guys!
Sarah & Walter Macharg
Sarah & Walter Macharg
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Knowledgeable & extremely helpful
Tom Woods
Tom Woods
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Quick, efficient and friendly service. Quoted within couple of days of enquiry and fitted the following week.

Our 5 Point Process

1. Contact Us

Contact Hawkeye Bird Control and speak to a bird specialist about the issues you're facing with pest birds.

2. Survey

We will send a technician to your site or home to get a deeper understanding of the project.

3. Quotation

Our technician will report back on their findings and we will then proceed to prepare a quotation for the entire project.

4. Implementation

Once the quotation has been agreed our Hawkeye Bird Control technicians will begin to carry out all the required work.

5. Aftercare

On completion of the project, we will ensure that you are entirely happy with the work that has been undertaken.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide a discreet service?

We understand that a pest problem can sometimes be an embarrassing issue, especially for certain industries. For this reason, we can offer a discreet service, should it be required.

How much does bird control cost?

The answer to this is, it varies. Bird control is not a one size fits all project. Pricing will vary based on the size of the property, the work required to ensure the issue doesn’t return, and the extent of the problem in the first place.

Are birds a protected species?

We ensure we adhere to all the required laws when it comes to bird removal. For example, there are requirements in place when removing bird nests. We would not carry out any project which would violate these laws.

Can birds be harmful to health?

Birds can be extremely harmful to health, so they should be dealt with quickly if an infestation is surfacing. Their faeces carry serious diseases and can also become especially slippery if left on pavements leading to slips and falls.

Our Recent Projects

We have undertaken a wide array of projects over the years for both commercial and residential clients. From warehouses to church towers, blocks of flats to townhouses, we’ve done it all.