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Hawkeye Bird Control has been providing bird pest control services in Bournemouth for decades, and we pride ourselves on the effectiveness and quality of our workmanship. Our trained team of bird control experts deals with nuisance birds quickly, safely, and discreetly.


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Birds, such as pigeons and seagulls, are fast becoming one of the most prevalent pests in Bournemouth. Not only can they cause significant damage to a building, but can also cause physical harm to people especially when the birds are attempting to protect a nest.


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Birds We Help With In Bournemouth

Pigeon Control

Pigeons are a common pest bird and cause issues for both residential and commercial customers in Bournemouth. They tend to settle in areas where waste food from humans is easily accessible and in plentiful supply. A pigeon infestation can very quickly increase from a few to hundreds of birds in a very short period of time, so dealing with them quickly is a necessity. They tend to perch on window ledges and balconies so using the correct deterrents and removal methods is required. That’s why at Hawkeye Bird Control we use the methods which deliver the best results.

Seagull control Bournemouth

Seagull Control

Seagulls have increasingly become an inner-city pest as well as a seaside menace. In Bournemouth, seagulls have the best of both worlds. These noisy birds can be a real nuisance, especially if not dealt with proactively. They are also extremely aggressive when looking after their young and have been known to seriously injure people. As seagulls are a protected species under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 it is illegal to kill or hurt a gull, or destroy a nest should it be in use unless fully licensed. As a fully licensed seagull removal company we work within the law and provide an effective service.

Starling control Bournemouth

Starling Control

Starlings, in recent years, have become a noticeably more recognised pest bird in urban areas such as Bournemouth. Usually found in wooded areas, Starlings have begun to find a new home in holes of buildings where there is grass, feathers, or moss. They settle in buildings so they are protected from predators and bad weather. The sheer number of starlings that flock together makes them an unwanted pest due to the number of droppings left behind, among other things. Our deterrent methods will help keep Starlings from wanting to settle on your Bournemouth property.

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Our Bird Proofing & Deterrent Methods

Bird netting installation Bournemouth

Bird Netting

Adding netting is a popular and cost-effective method of stopping birds from landing on your roof. From the ground, bird netting is quite difficult to distinguish, so it doesn’t ruin the aesthetics of your property. Netting is also a very versatile solution as it can be fitted vertically, horizontally, and also under places such as bridges and eaves. When fitted by an expert bird netting can last for years.

Bird Spikes

Spikes are a great solution for window ledges, signs, rooflines, and anywhere where there is a narrow surface birds like to perch. They are very quick to install and are instantaneously effective as the pest birds now can’t settle on your property in Bournemouth. Despite being called spikes they are a humane deterrent as they only cause minimal discomfort, just enough to discourage the bird from landing.

Bird spikes on Bournemouth property
Falconry pest control Bournemouth


The use of falcons is extremely effective when used in the correct environment. This works by introducing a falcon to an area for a few weeks so pest birds notice the presence of a threat and steer well clear of the area. This is a great method for the lies of large construction sites. Another advantage is that it is environmentally friendly which is favorable to the public and employees of businesses alike.

Other Methods

Over and above the previous methods there are other great techniques for removing and deterring birds in Bournemouth. This includes the installation of bird wire, fire gels, and electronic deterrent and scaring systems. During our free survey, we will discuss the best option or combination of methods to ensure the birds are removed and that they don’t return in the future.

Bird deterrents in Bournemouth

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Other Services
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Bird Dropping Removal

Bird droppings can lead to severe illnesses, so clearing up any droppings left behind by an infestation is an important task. Also, due to its acidic make up this is what can lead to damage, such as erosion. Our guano cleaning service will ensure all droppings are effectively cleaned away by using specialist cleaning equipment.

Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Birds can have a significant impact on the performance of solar panels. Just a small amount of bird droppings can have a dis-proportionally negative effect on energy retention. Also, due to the heat and shelter they provide, they are a perfect settling and nesting spot. Our proofing services will prevent birds from getting underneath the panels and making it their new home.

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