Bird Dropping Removal

Bird Dropping Removal For Businesses And Homes In London

Guano (bird droppings) is smelly, unsightly and a health risk. Guano can be lethal – a light shower with guano can turn any walkway into an ice skating rink. On construction sites, the scaffolding and the boards can become lethal too.
Bird dropping removal

Guano on the exterior of a building, such as on the sills, the walls and the signage is unattractive. Ignore it and the acid it contains will erode the fabric of the surface. For any building, but especially one of architectural significance, the cost of restoring it to its former glory can be astronomical and not budgeted for. Often all that’s needed is an intense professional clean followed by an ongoing bird proofing programme to prevent a recurrence of the problem.

Why Bird Guano Removal Should Not Be Carried Out By Your Maintenance Team?

When cleaning an area of bird droppings you can ingest the airborne particles of the guano which can be very dangerous for your health. Also the maintenance team won’t have access to the cleaning equipment needed to safely eliminate it. If guano is not fully eradicated, the birds will come back, attracted by the smell.

When anti-perching products fail, it’s usually because the surfaces they were affixed to were not professionally cleaned before application or they were not applied by a professional. Professional cleaning is a service we provide and it is undertaken to the strictest environmental standards. Our technicians remove all traces of fouling from walkways, roof tops, loft and roof voids and tank rooms and safely dispose of all nests.

Why Bird Dropping Removal Is Essential

Please do not overlook this essential service because traces of fouling can become airborne sometimes making their way into air condition systems and spreading disease far and wide. People can slip on unclean walkways and rooftops. Nests are home to mites. Droppings carry disease that can be easily transmitted from bird and mite to humans such as Avian Flu, Ornothosis, Salmonella and Meningitis.

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