Bird Wire System

Bird Wire System For London Buildings

Stainless Steel Sprung Bird Wire Systems can be used on almost any London building. They are increasingly becoming the proofing method of choice for buildings of historic significance because they are more discreet than netting or spikes. This makes sprung wire systems ideal for London properties. They are also a humane bird deterrent.

The stainless steel wire is tensioned on springs so that birds attempting to land on it are pushed off. Wires can even be installed where access is required by people as the wires will spring back if stepped on. However, they must be installed by a professional if they are to be effective.

Benefits Of A Pin And Wire System

The Birdwire system is an effective device for proofing buildings against pigeons and gulls, in areas of very light populations and infestations. Prior to birds establishing the site as a roosting area such as new builds it is an invaluable form of deterrent.

The birdwire system is almost invisible from ground level and is an effective long term solution to bird management as the maintenance of birdwire is very straight forward and trouble free.

Wires are a very cost effective method of bird proofing as they are long lasting (some buildings in London have had their wire systems installed for over 20 years). Minor damage is inexpensive and repairs are straightforward.

Installation Of The Bird Wire System

To install the birdwire system holes are drilled into the building structure normally into ledges, gutter, beams and window cills and a nylon rivet is installed into the holes. Sprung tensioned marine grade 316 stainless steel wire is then attached to a crimp and secured to each of the poles creating a tensioned wire.
Another installation option is to install a multi post system that consists of posts welded onto a continuous base that can be configured to cover wide ledges enabling less holes drilled to secure the posts therefore reducing the risk of potential damage to the building and reduces the installation time.
An exclusion zone can be created by using several strands of birdwire and for areas of architectural importance such as decorative and period stonework or where lead flashing exists installation can be made by securing with an adhesive rather than drilling.
Birdwire is considered to be a very versatile bird deterrent device and is highly costs effective.
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