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Falconry Pest Control in London (also known as Hawking) is an extremely effective deterrent to birds when operated in the correct circumstances. The Hawk needs to be flown on a very regular basis in the first few weeks to establish a firm and defined territory that pigeons, seagulls, starling and other pest birds will then avoid.

To help break the habit of the birds using the building as a night and day roost, a bird of prey can be flown one hour before dusk and one hour after.
Bird of prey pest service
Once this territory is established the bird of prey needs to fly on at least a weekly basis to maintain the territory as a deterrent effect for any future pest birds. It should be noted that seagulls are becoming and ever increasing presence in central London and many of the buildings have a problem and therefore regular flights will be absolutely essential to the success of this technique.

Advantages Of Using A Bird Of Prey For Pest Control

The advantages of this technique are of course that it is extremely environmentally friendly and in general finds great favour with the public and probably the employees of your business.

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