Bird Spike Installation For London Properties

Bird spikes are effective in deterring pigeons and larger birds. They are commonly used on parapet walls, ledges, roof lines, windowsills, signage and other narrow surfaces that birds land on. We install different grades and size of spikes, the choice of which will depend on the extent of your nuisance bird problem and the aesthetics of your building.

Bird spikes

How Bird Spikes Can Protect Your London Property

Birds can often be found at the highest point of buildings; they are able to perch there while looking for potential food sources or even avoiding predators.
Bird Control spikes are upward-pointing spikes that can be installed to almost any surface using adhesives. This type of control prevents birds from alighting, roosting or perching in the area of installation as the spikes have taken away their landing spots.
Bird deterrent spikes are usually made with steel spikes and a plastic base that once installed will make the perching site either impossible for birds to land there or highly uncomfortable, causing them to find another location.

Bird control spikes are also known as:

  • Avipoint
  • Birdpoint
  • Anti bird spikes

Benefits Of Installing Bird Spikes

Bird control spikes can be applied to specific areas like ledges, parapets, beams, gutters, pipes, roof ridges, window cills, air conditioning units, signs or security devices in fact bird control spikes can be installed to just about anywhere.
Whist the device is called “bird spikes” they are considered humane as they do not penetrate of harm the birds in anyway they will merely cause slight discomfort as the spikes are flexible and as the bird approaches its chest will touch the spike first and the irritation will deter the bird from perching.

They are relatively simple to install and is a cost effective method of proofing that is suitable for deterring pigeons, gulls and starlings and are barley visible from ground level.

Birds often cause problems and build their nests in relatively hard to access areas of buildings. Whilst plant machinery or scaffolding is an option to install bird deterrent spikes our specialist IRATA certificated team are able to install bird control spikes to specified areas by means or access equipment including abseiling.

Advantages Of Bird Spikes

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