Sutcliffe Park Sports Centre - Case Study

Problem Identified

Hawkeye Bird Control was recently contracted to provide pigeon prevention services at the Sutcliffe Sports Centre. The problems identified were that pigeons were perching on and nesting under an outdoor canopy and on a CCTV unit.

Scope of works

The scope of work included the installation of a black pigeon net on the underside of the canopy and sides of the building to prevent pigeons from nesting or perching in the area. The team also placed spiking on the CCTV camera, identified as a high-pressure area.

Hawkeye Bird Control carried out a potent biocide clean and disinfection of all affected areas where fouling was present to further eliminate the possibility of a pigeon infestation. This included cleaning all composite boarding on the building and removing any accumulated fouling.

We advised the client that staining may remain on the floor after the cleaning was completed and ensured that the manager on duty was aware of the work done when the job was finished.


Hawkeye Bird Control also provided some post-service recommendations and advice to the client. We strongly advised the client to take care of the newly installed net and to avoid hanging anything on or from it. This would prevent any damage to the net and ensure it remains effective in preventing pigeons from perching or nesting in the area.

Overall, the services provided by Hawkeye Bird Control were successful in preventing pigeon infestation at the Sutcliffe Sports Centre. The area was left clean and safe for use, and the client was satisfied with the work done.


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