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In recent years the notoriety of the Starling as a pest bird has grown significantly. Starlings are now regarded as pests in urban areas for many reasons. They can roost in their thousands in buildings including industrial structures, causing considerable mess and damage with their droppings.

They are renowned for being a particularly noisy bird. Close to airports they are especially hazardous. There have been several reports of starlings being sucked into the engine of a plane.

If you have an issue with Starlings, our Starling pest control service will remove and prevent them from becoming an issue on or around your property.

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Why Starling Nest Removal Is Important

Starling’s nests are mainly found in woods, however in urban areas nests can be found in holes in buildings and structures where they are made up of grass, feathers, wool and moss. The main requirement for a nest is that it protects the starlings from predators and the weather.

Nests are often re- visited and more materials are placed onto the old nest, making them very large and untidy and the area around the nest is usually streaked white with droppings.

Whilst they are not an intimidating bird, starlings pose a serious health hazard. They have been linked to the fungal respiratory disease histoplasmosis. And they cause untold damage. The acidity in their droppings corrodes the walls and sills of a building.

An agile bird, the sheer number of Starlings that flock together makes them an unwelcome pest bird.

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How To Protect Your Home Or Business Against Starlings

Professional cleaning is crucial prior to any preventative treatments. If anti-perching products fail, it’s usually because the surfaces they were affixed to were not professionally cleaned before application or they were not applied by a professional.

Hawkeye Bird specialists will consider a range of preventative treatments including netting, spikes, electronic deterrents, Hawking and sprung bird wire systems. Our recommendations will take into consideration the aesthetics of your building and its purpose plus the extent of the starling problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Starlings aggressive to humans?

Yes, Starlings can be aggressive birds. They have been known to swoop and attack other animals as well as humans.

Do Starlings tend to nest in one place?

Starlings do not tend to stay in one place very long unless they are nesting. The nesting period lasts around 5-6 weeks.

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Geoff Scott
Geoff Scott
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We had a Seagull problem with a nest on our roof that ruined our summer with gulls ‘dive bombing’ whenever we went into the garden. Mark came and surveyed our roof and produced a great report with recommendations to make our roof less appealing in the future for the gulls. Today Mark and Chris have installed spikes on all ‘at risk’ locations. Arrived on time, worked efficiently and did a great job - both very pleasant - cleared up with no mess left behind. Would recommend without any hesitation.
June Fairie
June Fairie
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I received a price for the job very quickly. The technician arrived on time & was very pleasant and helpful. Would definately recommend
lauren mcivor
lauren mcivor
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Great service. Very friendly, knowledgable and effective. Also effective of clearing the area without any graphic scenes. I would highly recommend.
Mandy Barder
Mandy Barder
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Great service from Mark. My balcony is transformed and I’m really happy with the netting and spikes. He cleaned all the wooden furniture too and it all looks significantly better. Thanks v much guys!
Sarah & Walter Macharg
Sarah & Walter Macharg
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Knowledgeable & extremely helpful
Tom Woods
Tom Woods
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Quick, efficient and friendly service. Quoted within couple of days of enquiry and fitted the following week.