Symterra (Flock Off)

Symterra (Flock Off) - A Highly Effective & Humane Bird Defence System

Symterra (Flock Off) is an innovative bird deterrent system that is designed to humanely and effectively discourage birds from landing, perching, and damaging property. By using the latest technology, the system emits ultrasonic sounds imperceptible to the human ear but highly disruptive to birds, encouraging them to find alternative locations without causing them harm. This approach prioritises ethical treatment while protecting structures, crops, and public areas from the detriments of bird nesting and waste.

The system’s versatility makes it an ideal solution for a wide range of environments, including agricultural lands, airports, urban buildings, and homes. What sets Symterra apart is its commitment to environmental sustainability, employing energy-efficient technologies that have minimal impact on the ecosystem.

By providing a safe and non-intrusive means to manage bird populations, Symterra addresses the concerns of property owners and environmental advocates, marking a step forward in wildlife management and conservation efforts.

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How Does Symterra (Flock Off) Work?

Symterra operates on a sophisticated mechanism that uses ultrasonic technology to create an environment that is uncomfortable for birds but completely harmless and unnoticeable to humans. The system incorporates a series of ultrasonic emitters that generate sounds at frequencies birds find intolerable. These frequencies are tailored specifically to target a broad spectrum of bird species, ensuring efficacy across diverse environments. The sounds interfere with the birds’ ability to communicate and orient themselves, which naturally drives them to seek more hospitable areas without causing them stress or injury.

Central to the system’s functionality is its smart sensor technology, which detects bird presence in the vicinity and subsequently activates the ultrasonic emitters. This feature not only conserves energy but also ensures the deterrent effect is maximally effective when needed. Users can adjust the settings to fit the specific requirements of their location, such as size, bird species prevalence, and time of day activities.

Furthermore, “Symterra” is designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring reliable operation throughout the year. Its ease of installation and low maintenance requirement make it an accessible and sustainable solution for managing bird populations humanely and effectively.

Benefits of the Symterra System

The benefits of deploying the Symterra bird deterrent system extend beyond simply keeping birds at bay. It offers a comprehensive solution that respects the balance between human needs and wildlife welfare, presenting advantages that are significant and multifaceted. Below are six key benefits of implementing the Symterra system:

Environmental Protection

Symterra (Flock Off) aids in safeguarding the environment by reducing the need for chemical repellents, which can be harmful to both birds and the ecosystem.

Property Damage Prevention

The system effectively minimises the risks of property damage caused by birds, such as structural damage, clogged drains, and unsightly droppings, saving property owners from costly repairs and maintenance.

Public Health and Safety

By deterring birds from congregating in populated areas, Symterra reduces health risks associated with bird droppings, including slip-and-fall hazards and the spread of diseases.


Designed with sustainability in mind, Symterra utilises energy-efficient technology that minimises power consumption, making it a cost-effective solution for long-term use.

Discreet Operation

The ultrasonic system operates silently to the human ear, ensuring that bird deterrent efforts remain unobtrusive to daily activities and do not disrupt the aesthetic or peaceful environment of the area.

Versatility and Adjustability

Equipped with smart sensor technology and adjustable settings, Symterra can be tailored to target specific bird species, without needing constant manual intervention.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Symterra system safe for pets and wildlife other than birds?

Yes, the Symterra system is designed to be safe for all animals, including pets and non-target wildlife. The ultrasonic frequencies used to deter birds are tailored specifically to target avian species and are neither harmful nor noticeable to other animals.

How large of an area can one Symterra system cover?

The coverage area can vary depending on environmental factors and the specific model of the Symterra system. However, a single unit is typically effective over a range of up to 600 linear feet. For larger areas, additional units may be strategically placed to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Can the system be used in residential areas without disturbing neighbours?

Absolutely. One of the key advantages of Symterra is its silent operation to humans, making it ideal for use in residential and densely populated areas. Your neighbours won’t notice any disturbance, as the ultrasonic sounds are imperceptible to human ears.

How long does it take to see results after installing Symterra ?

Users typically observe immediate results upon activating the Symterra system. The ultrasonic deterrent effect begins as soon as the device is turned on, driving away birds from the covered area swiftly. However, the full effectiveness of the system, especially in areas with high bird populations or in settings that are particularly appealing to birds, might be more apparent over a few days as birds learn to associate the discomfort with the area and seek alternative locations.

Will adverse weather conditions affect the performance of the system?

Symterra is designed to be robust and weather-resistant, ensuring effective operation in a variety of environmental conditions, including rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. Its durability is one of the system’s key features, providing reliable year round bird deterrence.

Are there any ongoing maintenance requirements for the system?

Symterra is designed for low maintenance, requiring only occasional checks to ensure it is clean and functioning correctly. No regular upkeep is needed, making it a convenient solution for long-term bird deterrence.

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Geoff Scott
Geoff Scott
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We had a Seagull problem with a nest on our roof that ruined our summer with gulls ‘dive bombing’ whenever we went into the garden. Mark came and surveyed our roof and produced a great report with recommendations to make our roof less appealing in the future for the gulls. Today Mark and Chris have installed spikes on all ‘at risk’ locations. Arrived on time, worked efficiently and did a great job - both very pleasant - cleared up with no mess left behind. Would recommend without any hesitation.
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June Fairie
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I received a price for the job very quickly. The technician arrived on time & was very pleasant and helpful. Would definately recommend
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lauren mcivor
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Great service. Very friendly, knowledgable and effective. Also effective of clearing the area without any graphic scenes. I would highly recommend.
Mandy Barder
Mandy Barder
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Great service from Mark. My balcony is transformed and I’m really happy with the netting and spikes. He cleaned all the wooden furniture too and it all looks significantly better. Thanks v much guys!
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Sarah & Walter Macharg
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Knowledgeable & extremely helpful
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Tom Woods
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Quick, efficient and friendly service. Quoted within couple of days of enquiry and fitted the following week.