The Importance of Bird-Proofing Your Commercial Property

As a business owner, it is important to take steps towards protecting your commercial property from damage caused by birds. Not only can avian intruders leave behind droppings and nesting materials that are unsightly and hazardous to human health, but they can also be incredibly loud and disruptive. Bird proofing is an effective way to keep birds away from vulnerable areas on your property while also preserving the aesthetic appeal of the building. There are several methods available for bird-proofing a commercial space, such as installing netting or spikes to deter birds from roosting or nesting around the premises. By taking these precautionary measures now, you will be able to save yourself time and money down the road by preventing costly repairs due to bird-related damages.

Common types of birds that can cause damage to a property

It is well-known that damage to properties can be caused by a range of birds. The most common types of birds that are responsible for this type of destruction include pigeons, seagulls, sparrows, seagulls and even woodpeckers. These birds are often attracted to areas with plenty of food, as well as open roofs, ledges and other areas where they can rest or nest. Commercial properties tend to lend themselves to all these attributes.

Potential damages caused by birds on a commercial property

Birds can cause a great deal of damage to commercial properties. While the thought of birds perched on window sills or benches may seem harmless, they have been known to cause damage ranging from disrupting utility services, damaging solar panels, to chewing electrical wiring and even clogging air conditioning units with their nests. In terms of real estate, birds are notorious for destroying outdoor seating and picnic areas on commercial properties, leaving droppings that become health hazards. Additionally, bird waste corrodes surfaces over time and can decrease the value of properties by impacting their aesthetics. Consequently, property owners should take precautions such as installing deterrent measures like anti-roosting spikes to deter them from nesting on ledges and crevices. Taking preventive measures can help save property owners from experiencing potentially costly damages in the long run.

bird proofing methods for commercial building

Commercial buildings pose unique challenges when it comes to bird proofing. Building owners must weigh up their options carefully to ensure that the methods they employ are both effective and humane. A popular approach is using physical barriers such as bird netting, or electrical deterrents – like static wires to deter birds from roosting or nesting. For species of large-billed birds like crows, falconry can prove an effective method for encouraging them to depart the premises. Ultimately, the most successful bird-proofing methods are those tailored to the building’s needs and local species that are causing trouble. Taking a proactive approach by addressing food sources, water access points, and closing off entry points is the best way to keep commercial buildings free of birds in the long term.

Effectiveness of Bird Netting and spikes on commercial properties

Installing bird netting or spikes can be a great solution for owners of commercial properties who are looking to keep birds away from their buildings. Bird netting is an effective physical barrier that prevents birds from accessing the roof and other open areas, while spikes provide an uncomfortable surface that makes it difficult for birds to land on ledges or other surfaces such as air conditioning units. With both methods, the result is a safe and humane deterrent that helps keep pesky birds away without harming them in any way. This type of bird control has proven successful in major cities around the world, proving that it’s an effective way to protect your commercial property from the threat of unwelcome avians.

examples of successful bird-proofing projects in commercial settings

At Hawkeye Bird Control we have undertaken many bird control projects to protect commercial properties from pest birds. Below are some examples of the projects we have completed.

Why it is important to take steps towards protecting your commercial property

It is important to take necessary steps towards protecting your commercial property from birds because the financial implications of bird-related damage can be severe. Bird infestations, droppings and nests can cause extensive damage and spread hazardous diseases to customers or workers in commercial buildings. By taking proactive measures such as bird proofing, property managers can help reduce the cost and time associated with damage repair resulting from bird activity. Additionally, proper bird-proofing solutions have proven to be an effective way to keep birds away from buildings and prevent them from returning in the future. For those reasons, business and property owners must consider their investment in bird-proofing solutions for maximum protection of their commercial buildings from potential harm caused by birds.

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